Pastor Kent Christmas New Building Update

Today, Pastor Kent Christmas is our guide through the new building as we step into the heart of the new Regeneration Nashville sanctuary. What you’ll witness is a testament to faith, dedication and the power of collective giving.

Click on the video above and walk through the building as Pastor Kent updates us on the progress. Though the building is still in an unfinished state, a substantial portion of the work remaining is cosmetic, but we’re determined to overcome every obstacle and build a place that truly glorifies God.

Pastor Kent emphasizes our commitment to excellence in every aspect, evident as he shares the plans for high-quality live streaming. This will allow our church to reach those who call Regeneration Nashville their church home but can’t attend in person. We want to ensure that the Word and worship are accessible to all.

What truly sets Pastor Kent and Candy Christmas apart, and what sets our church apart, is our unyielding commitment to prayer. The prayer room demonstrates that Regeneration Nashville was founded on prayer and will continue to be built on prayer. It’s where we believe miracles are born and where we come together as a congregation to seek the Lord’s guidance and blessings.

The challenges we face are real, but we’re unwavering in our faith that the Lord will provide all our needs, especially with your support. We’ve come so far, but there’s still a gap to bridge financially. Pastor Kent humbly asks you to join us in making this vision a reality by contributing what you can. Together, we can turn this vision into a magnificent, debt-free God portal that will change the world for Jesus.


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