Building Update: Unveiling the Extraordinary Interiors of Regeneration Nashville’s Future Home!

Destination Miracle building updates

Are you ready for a thrilling update on the progress of our new home for Regeneration Nashville? We are delighted to share with you an exclusive sneak peek into the breathtaking interiors of our future building. Get ready to be amazed!

Step into our welcoming foyer, where you will be greeted by a beautifully designed gathering area that radiates warmth and hospitality. It’s the perfect space to connect with fellow believers and forge lifelong friendships. But that’s not all. As you enter the foyer, prepare to be captivated by the central baptismal pool, adorned with the cross. 

For families, we have created a dedicated kid’s check-in space that prioritizes safety and convenience. This specially designed area will serve as the gateway to our vibrant Children’s Ministry, where our little ones will have the opportunity to grow in their faith while experiencing the boundless love and truth of Jesus.

And let us not forget the heart of our new home — the sanctuary. Here, worship and praise will come alive, reverberating with the powerful sound of our collective voices. It is a sacred space where the Word of God will be boldly proclaimed, and the prophetic voice of the Lord will resonate, touching hearts and transforming lives.

But why settle for just descriptions when you can experience the magic yourself? We invite you to visit the EXPLORE, where you will find a treasure trove of mesmerizing 3D renderings. Immerse yourself in the intricate details that bring our vision to life.

And that’s not all — we have something truly special for you. Take a virtual tour of our building by simply clicking on the 3D model on the EXPLORE page. Whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the go with your mobile device, you can navigate through every nook and cranny of our new home.

Be sure to sign up for updates as we eagerly anticipate the realization of Destination Miracle. We can’t wait to see the transformative impact our new building will have on our church family and the surrounding community. Stay tuned for more updates to come in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you for praying, believing and giving toward this Destination Miracle for Regeneration Church Nashville.


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